Labour Only Sub-contracting and Experience You Can Rely On

At Menfor Group, we pride ourselves on having dedicated sector experience and extensive knowledge gleaned from extensive experience in industries such as rail, construction and highways. We’re uniquely skilled, with a highly-trained specialist labour sub-contracting workforce. We deliver sector-specific insight and expertise to each project we take on – making us a premium and preferred partner for some of the most well-known and successful brands within this trio of industries.

Collectively, we have more than 125 years of experience working with major blue-chip clients. What this means is that we understand your project needs, briefs, challenges and regulatory requirements. We won’t rest until you feel like you have the right personnel in place, handpicked from our highly specialised, multi-talented labour force.

Menfor Group places a strong emphasis on training – in fact, we consider it a core pillar of everything we do. We provide the best, industry-leading training to every member of our workforce, supplementing existing training with up-skilling workshops. We understand our clients need the very best, on demand so that’s exactly what Menfor Group offers.

We’ve worked on numerous large-scale construction projects in a multitude of sectors, delivering labour only skills and experience across a range of professions and trades.

What We Offer

As a labour only subcontractor, we know that the skills you need on-site can vary from day to day and job to job. As part of our mission to offer the most comprehensive labour only service, Menfor Group has developed a wide network of skilled tradespeople that can move onto an ongoing project with ease, giving you flexibility, agility and most importantly, capability exactly when you need it.

We can help with your projects needs in every area, from providing labour only bricklayers to labour only carpenters or welders, along with any other skill you might need to push your project toward completion.

Menfor Group has worked hard to build and develop the subcontracting labour only skills we offer, and you can rest easy knowing that we thoroughly vet, assess and interview every worker we provide. We want to know that every labour only worker we supply has the confidence, the skills and the experience to produce the very best work – only then will we assign them to your project.

Prices to Suit Your Needs

Thanks to the development of our labour only workforce and our business infrastructure, Menfor Group can offer price work on concrete, formwork and steelfixing projects.

That means your project can benefit from highly-skilled, targeted labour only workers and work the cost into your budget without any hassles or unexpected cost increases. We work with you to develop the right price for the work at hand, always ensuring that the labour only resources we provide give you ultimate value for your investment.

Get in touch with Menfor Group today and let us know how we can help your project with our industry-leading, labour-only workforce