Our Commitment to Quality

Working with the rail, construction and highways sectors, Menfor Group understands the need for industry recognised and sanctioned accreditations.

We see our accreditations as badges of honour because they show that we, as an organisation, care about conforming to the highest possible standards. We believe this is important for our business, our clients and the wider community because we work on public-facing projects every single day.

It’s important to us that our clients know that we take our work – and the projects we take on – seriously and always deliver finished work to the highest possible standard.

Our Accreditations

Below you can see the various boards and bodies that have awarded their accreditations to Menfor Group. We work hard to ensure our standards are always rising and, as such, we always strive to go above and beyond accreditation criteria – it’s part of our commitment to delivering the best possible service.

Menfor Group is always working to attain new accreditations. We believe in always pushing ourselves as an organisation to find and meet the criteria of industry-specific standards and best practise. It’s important to us that we continually strive as an organisation to meet and exceed expectations. We contribute to the development of our industry and help shape our future policies. To do this, we routinely review our accreditations, with a view to continuously strengthen the knowledge, value and services we offer.